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Engineering Machinery Industry

Heaven has endowed me with talents for eventual use

Since the trend of globalization, the demand for passenger and freight worldwide rapidly growth, accompanied by the rail transportation has become an important future market.

Today, the rail infrastructure has become one of the most important factors in the success of the regional economy. The rail transport has to deal with the mobility and flexibility, as long as the growing shortage of raw materials and environmental protection requirements.

If the rail industry want to provide the best security guarantee and at the same time improving the profitability of high-speed solution, you need one cooperation partner as Bongzhong with decades experience in rail transportation of innovation and reliable processing.

We provide clients with full set solutions to deal with the railway industry all over the world.

Future perfect curve knitting

BoZhong can provide first-class services for the railway industry, to meet the specific needs of customers.
Most services by modular, you can obtain the specified maintenance and replacement services.

Bozhong rail services include providing the global standard, high-performance special steels and trained sales and engineer services.
In addition, Bozhong global repair network enable customers to benefit from this cost effective solutions and reduce environmental impact.

Few elements such as a rail vehicle bogie also have on many different variants.

These elements are mainly composed of welded structure, through various loading, but it is an important role. Such as ICE high-speed trains in Germany has half of the axles by vehicle bogie in addition adjustable the tilt angle of the bogie.

In order to provide these elements, which require high precision and super standard manufacturer to custom producing, these elements must have maximum productivity and flexibility. Bozhong provide first class services for the custom order of rail industry.

Switches and Rails

In the flat bottom rail, grooved rail or turnout production, there are two points of particular importance: the highest reliability and long service life.Because the turnout and track day after day under strong mechanical and thermal loads.

Tensile strength steel used in orbit up to 700 to 1600N / mm², which is a real challenge for the steel itself. This requires in all cases be able to meet the needs of track construction material selection.

BoZhong strong portfolio is an ideal target in this regard. They can be used with all common orbital shape and slope, and all the materials should have a high degree of smelting process reliability and long life cycle.



On rail vehicles, today most are using the whole round (single wheel). These security-related vehicle components must be able to withstand the tremendous physical load and temperature load. Materials and manufacturing process requirements are correspondingly high.

Forged steel (tensile strength up to 350HB) must be professional smelting and forging. Because it has a direct impact on the quality of surface driving performance and energy efficiency. BoZhong special steel track can easily cope with these challenges in an economical selection program provides users with the highest surface accuracy, security and flexibility.