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Enterprise culture

Core principal: To maintain equality and mutual assistance between staff and staff, staff and Group forever.

Eight working rules of Bozhong Alloy

  1. 1.Group’s profit comes first, keep pioneering ,truth seeking, fighting, innovating.

  2. 2.Paying attention to the details and working styles.

  3. 3.Results will be appreciated higher than explanation, equality, trust, appreciation, kinship in the process will be highly appreciated, if there is no result.

  4. 4.Executives have to work hard as an advertiser to promote products

  5. 5.To follow a “low-key life, High-profile work”principle in work. To keep a persistant attitude in work, keep a management principle which make process to be the core, to carry out a management policy which make the system to be the standard of behavior.

  6. 6.Response  efficiently is the best embodiment of value.

7. To make the complex problem to be simplistic.

8.The more initiatively you work, the higher your work efficiency will be.



Credit is the basis, quality is the first

      The key to success is that we abibe by its’ unique corporation culture. We always pay much attention to the customers profit, provide them with high quality products and excellent service,at the same time, In order to establish an national united marketing system,we keep continous innovation.

Our three basic beliefs: Individual respect, clients service, excellent pursuit.All of these are carried out in our daily life and work.

        Individual respect is the foundation of Chinese culture, it is also the footstone to success. In BOZHONG Metal Group, everyone of us try our best to creat a friendly and pleasant working environment. Our executive and manager are “advertisers”, staff can make progress by receving their professional train. We strongly believe that, our leader should not only skill in businee, but also should have the ability to help the staff to make progress . Staff can discuss and negotiate with their manager about any idea. If the staff is not satisfied with the result, he can negotiate with any other department managers. Bozhong Metal Group believe that our business will be better and better, if the staff understand the goal of the Group, and understand how to achieve the goal.

      BOZHONG Metal Group believes that we will succeed only by help our clients succeed.The Group founder once said that clients are the resource of our profress, therefore, what we do it to meet our clients demand. In BOZHONG Metal Group, honest staff are trusted. When we pursuit remarkable progress, principle of good faith should be highly appreciated.In order to keep our promise to our customers, we set up a

Supervision hotline service, we analysis and feedback the customers’ suggestion and requirement, therefore, the quality of service will be improved.