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        Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group was founded in 2006, with 31 million registered fund, It is the leading integrated operator of modern service industry for specialty stainless steel.It is the core construction organization of the Shanghai steel modern service  comprehensive pilot area, which was set up by nation’s commerce ministry and Shanghai government. At present, it has established 5 wholly owned companies or joint venture company, it has been keeping sound cooperative relationship with many supplier and terminal clients across the world. It aims at becoming the top service firm in the circulation area of specialty stainless steel. Its main products are:special steel plate, super stainless steel,titanium alloy,nickel base alloy,aircraft aluminum,specialty alloy and other kinds of specialty steel. Its main business can be devided into 4 aspect, the precision maching of specialty steel, domestic retail of specialty steel,international trade of specialty steel, derived service from supply chain of specialty steel, such as purchase agent, sales agent, supply chain finance etc. It’s main business model can be classified into the following 3 aspects.

The first aspect: Purchasing the social resources nearby according to demand, It has been keeping positive cooperative relationship with large and medium-sized steel mill and Merchant, so it can provide you Muti-channel comprehensive purchasing resources and consultancy advisory, it can also provide you some practical solutions.

The second aspect, spot sale. www.1tglm.com is the first supermarket for stainless steel on the internet. Inventories data are integrated on the internet, so it will form a shared database. Saling after processing and dispatching nearby are available.There are more than 200 professional factory can provide processing and dispatching,  Additional value will be added by processing and dispatching.

The third aspect, It can also provide excellent supply chain finance to meet customers’ demand. BOZHONG Metal Group will keep a good relationship with bank and customer, it will be easier to provide supply chain finance to our VIP customers.Modern steel maching center has been established in some important specialty steel distributing center, Such as  Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Qindao, Ningbo, Wuxi, Foshan etc. The specialty steel maching center can not only provide you shearing  and processing services, but also can provide distribution services to steel mill, logistics enterprices and steel trade company. BOZHONG metal group aims at perfecting the specialty stainless steel supply chain continually, it leads the steel industry development direction by innovate the model and organization.

      From 2005 to 2015, BOZHONG metal group was awarded by national top 100 steel enterprise, Shanghai top 100 specialty enterprise,Shanghai top 100  steel net- commerce enterprise , Shanghai model 3A integrity Unit In steel industry, it also awarded by National most potential private enterprise,national leader in the metal materials circulation industry. During the 20 years, it has received good reputation from domestic and overseas customers. Its’ core principal is creating value for customers, The group always manage its’ business according to the core principle. Continuous innovation to meet market demand, good reputation to win the market, to provide better services to the customers from all over the world, we are determined to be the leader of China steel industry.  


The four wholly owned branches:

  1. Shanghai Hengtie steel trade Ltd. Company.Its main products: specialty stainless steel plate,wear-resisting plate,high strength stainless steel. Stainless steel alloy plate, corrosion resistance stainless steel etc.
  2. Shanghai Hengfu ferrous metal Ltd. Company. It’s main products: super stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Titanium alloy, Nickel alloy, Hastelloy alloy, Monel alloy, all kinds of steel fittings.
  3. Shanghai Jingmeng industry and trade Ltd.company. Its’ main products: stainless steel pipes, stainless steel bar, mould steel,angle steel, Channel-section steel.
  4. Shanghai Dianhan metallurgical technology development Ltd. Company( It is an advanced technology company which combine the research, exploitation, production of specialty alloy materials, specialied in producing the nickel base and iron-base alloy.research, exploitation, production of specialty alloy materials, specialied in producing the nickel base and iron-base alloy.

Office address: Room 501, Building 32, Caohejing High-tech park, Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China


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